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do something with my hair


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Hair by night!!!

Here is a collage I made of how I want to do my hair when getting dressed up!

I really need to get my haircut again, it's been too long

My hair is still above my shoulders with layers so my options are pretty slim but this is the look I really want!! I think my hair is a little shorter than this so I guess I will go for a shorter version and then let it grow to this! and I want my hair a nice warm red color, like a natural toned bright auburn!!

Here is a collage I made of pics of hair by day!!!


I get it done again wednesday!!! I’m going darker this time, I love the red but it doesn’t seem to last longer than a week at that wonderful bright color then it fades to like a copper and I’m so sick of copper. I can’t afford to do upkeep every 2 weeks. Also I think my bangs that I have now will look better dark. Yay!!!


I got it done, and it’s completely different!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel so much better!!!!!!!!

I get it done tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!

I finally get to get my hair done after many months of waiting because of money problems. I can’t wait it’s going to be completely different!!!! I’m so excited, my hair has gotten completely unmanageable and I need this boost to my self esteem since I’m in the middle of a break up and I want to have a fresh start!!! I’m also really nervous since it’s going to be so different than what I normally do with my hair.


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