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become a mermaid


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Sugar_Spice44 has written 35 entries about this goal


Anyone on?


As i said before she was gonna have a baby any day now
She had it on the 12/12/12 cool huh?


I’m back as i said i was going
i also dyed my hair red looks nice and i feel more mermaidy


I’m stopping doing any of my mermaid things untill the 22nd of december
Its because my mums best mate (shes like a sister to me) is having another baby and me and my mum will need to be her for the next 10 days

Come on

Nobodys on here anymore


Why do you want to become a mermaid?

Lets start

Lets start putting all the REAL mermaid tails into this post

The one i posted what do u think? Real or Fake? I think Fake but it’s beliveable (soz can’t spell)

Real wishes

As i promised people i would go on real wishes to prove it doesn’t work well i went on there as you should did every thing u had to a go on there every day and it’s now been 8 days and it didn’t work i said what i would do and i did it


Anyone willing to help me with shifting


This goals going down again it’s come back full of live again before so i hope it will this time


I want to:
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