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This should motivate me.. I hope

Yesterday I got an email from my cousin asking if he could stay at our flat while visiting the upcoming Edinburgh Festival. He should be arriving in a few weeks and.. his mom happens to be a cleaning freak. So what?
I’m not.. but I do like to present a tidy house to any visitors that should come knocking on my door. I guess that’s what they call being “house proud”? Dunno.. anyway I plan to now really clean the house .. go through each room and just get it sorted for once.

.. and hopefully we can keep it that way too :)

I'm still working on it

I managed to clean our computer room on Friday. It was something I had meant to do for a long time but never got round doing.
So I just started tidying up and before I knew it most areas were sorted and clean.

Now I still need to sort out the book case..
Then moving on to next rooms. There’s SO much to do. My husband and I are both fairly messy and lazy, which is a bit of a problem. I imagine if everything could be sorted for once – we could try to maintain it.

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