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lose 100 pounds


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SuggieBoogie has written 3 entries about this goal

Slipped off the wagon

Back on track. Counting calories then throwing out the page each day rather than have a booklet to remember to take everywhere. This works really well for me. 2000 cals a day.

Two Days Later

Down 3.4#, walking 30 min each day! Crabby today but drinking hot tea helps, (Yogi Tea, Calming Tea). I signed up for a Breast Cancer 5 mile walk for this Sunday, I AM OUT OF MY FREAK’N MIND, lol.

Starting today

blob, blob,blob. My stomach is a blob. Wedding in July 07 is the goal. Starting today walking 30 min each day for one week. Going to keep a food log for one week. Going to think about OA meeting. Going to grocery everyday, no food hanging around. Drink 3 c. 1% milk, fruit daily and breakfast the most unwanted meal of the day will be added for one week, starting today. Ex husband who dumped me stating “you didn’t look like this when we got married”, 18 years and a 2nd child later will be there. I am remarried, my husband adores me but I quit smoking and packed on 40#. My motivation is vanity but what the Fuk,OVER? Sandra Wright is my hero this week, lost 100 lbs & MAINTAINED 13 years. My weight is 300.8. At 5’11” it should be 175 but 200 works for me that is a size 14 and curvy. I took 1/2 an adapex to kick me off this morning (boot leg from a friend) that gives me 2 days to shrink down my stomach and get an energy boost. After that is all me.


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