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eat more locally grown food

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At the cheese shop - pass the honey, Honey!

Stopped at the cheese shop, check out their web site:

.. and purchased cheese curds, extra-old cheddar (they call it 2 year old cheddar now), brie (lucky to get this, it is usually sold out) and HONEY, lovely local honey.

Farmers Market

Yesterday and today were the last days for the Farmers Market for this year. We purchased more maple syrup, Mennonite sausages and way too many sweet baked treats. Also, my favourite supplier of local beef was on hand, with stewing beef, ground beef and a wonderful selection of home made preserves.

Local cheese

We have a lovely little cheese factory down the highway, I am enjoying some of their extra old Cheddar! mmmm …

Wild blueberry topping

Mum and I had homemade cheesecake at the Legion this afternoon, with homemade wild blueberry topping, mmmmm … yummy!


Mum made cooked fruit for dessert tonight, including rhubarb that came from our apt building’s garden.

Maple syrup

I am enjoying a can of local maple syrup! I have a spoonful of it on my weetabix every morning.

Carrots, beets, onions

Received today from a local garden: carrots that smell like carrots should, fresh beets and cooking onions.

Local Bison

A couple of weeks ago we found a local supplier of bison meat. It’s about the same price as good quality beef, very low fat and tastes great.

Local Eggs

Last night on the way home, we stopped at a local farm and purchased eggs. Now I have another local egg supplier and will keep the cartons for him. He is also a dairy farmer, and has pigs and chickens at another farm across the highway. ... mmm, hoping to buy some piggy chops from him! :-)

He told me that to purchase new virgin egg cartons, he would have to get 300 and have them shipped from down south. We both kinda rolled our eyes and frowned at that one.

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