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spend more time with my family and friends

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Sunshinedreem has written 4 entries about this goal

I feel like this has been acomplished

Especially since my boyfriend and I broke up. I’ve been spending a ton of time with people that I’ve really missed being around and I realize how important they are to me. I feel horrible for being MIA for so long, but now I’m back and I’m so happy!

Dad's coming this weekend

I haven’t seen him for months, honestly it was before Christmas but I’m not sure exactly when. The only bad part is that he still doesn’t know that my boyfriend and I split up and I know he’s going to ask me a ton of questions that I really don’t want to deal with or talk about right now. I’m still looking forward to seeing him though.

My mom is coming into town on Saturday

We’re going to hang out for a bit and probably have lunch together. I haven’t seen her since Christmas, so it will be fun. The bad part is that I might have to stay in the house and wait around for Best Buy to deliver my new washer and dryer. I scheduled my delivery before I knew that mom was coming, and now I won’t know exactly what time they are coming until tomorrow afternoon so it’s hard to try and make any plans.

more time

It’s hard because all of my family is out of state, but I’d like to try to see them just a little bit more than I have been. My friends will be a lot easier because most of them are close!

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