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make people understand that declawing a cat is a painful unnecessary surgery and there are better ways to deal with cat's scratching

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I couldn't imagine declawing my cats

They drive me nuts scratching the side of my bed, my couch, and the chair in my living room sometimes, but I’d never have them declawed. Instead I pick them up and play with them or take them to their scratching post and remind them where to scratch. I had a vet who recommended declawing, but I couldn’t do it when I got my first cat because she was only about 4 weeks old (she was an abandoned rescue kitty). I went home and did a lot of research about cats because I’d never had one and when I found out what declawing was I refused to have it done. The vet was very cool about it and actually said he didn’t like declawing cats, but he did it because so many people won’t take a cat unless it has been declawed.

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