SuperHussy in New York City is doing 12 things including…

excercise regularly

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SuperHussy has written 5 entries about this goal

Forget This!

I hate exercise, but I do like activity. In order to manage my life and time better, I am cutting this out altogether. I could change it to “live an active lifestyle,: but I am not, ‘cuz I do. I walk a helluva lot, went hiking a couple of weeks ago and whitewater rafting before that.

What did people do before gyms, workout tapes and yoga/pilates studios? They lived active lives. So do I.

This goal has caused me a bit of anxiety for me because I did not see myself doing it, but I am in my own way and that is that.

Getting Real -- Finally!

I exercised this morning. It wasn’t something too stressful, major or straining, but I did exercise and I can feel it—particularly in my gut and my arms.

I am finally taking this seriously and trying to make this a habit before my life gets crazy again.

This will help my energy issues, I will be healthier, loose weight and be able o keep up with my little one.


I do not have a formal exercise regimine, but I do not lead a sedentary life. Luckily, I have not gained weight, but I know I have to move more if i want to loose it. I just have to figure out ways to become more active.

Tae Bo Amped!

I had the original Tae Bo Series a few years ago (bought them off the street in NY for $5 a tape) and I loved them. Billy Blanks made a sista look good. Then, I let a friend who was getting married borrow them and I never saw them again. Add to that my penchant for being lazy and I gained a bunch of weight. I can no longer blame it on my daughter because she will be 3 next month. I bought the new Tae Bo and am reading the included information. Smokin’ body, here I come again!

So far...

I am so far from this goal that it isn’t even funny. My life is so hectic! The only exercise I get is walking to and from work, playing with my 2 year old, and the bit of running around I do at work. I really want to start some type of exercise regimine, but geesh…I am swamped. At least I am eating decently!

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