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find my soulmate

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September 13th, 2008

That’s when me and my soulmate will unite!

Emphasis on Soul

I can’t be influenced by other people. I have to stick by my own convictions on this. And not be afraid to admit when i found it.

I've thought i found him

but i’m young and am driven by emotions. My heart goes a flutter and dances into fantasy land so easily. But after having three guys say they want to marry me someday but then end up with some other chick (only the most recent is still with his girl), i’ve put it on for now. I’m going to live my life, and hope that he finds me. If he does, great, if not, well okay, then it’s not what the Lord has in store for me. But i made new rules for me.

1) Can’t date anyone unless i’ve known them a year
2) Want to not date anyone until i’m done with school or at least in the homestretch and have set plans so thoughts of him won’t affect any big decisions i have to make
3) Guard my actions around guys to not lead them on and so their wives one day will thank me for being a good friend to them and not hate me. ^__0

It’s not all that easy though, because my mind still wanders and i insert certain guys into my future fantasies. You know, matching names and imagining our outings. Noooooo, focus. You’ll never find it if you’re looking for it so hard. You’ll always be looking in the wrong place. Right behind you, there! Ah no, don’t look, now look, you missed this step in your career silly.

Heck, i’m still working on figuring out who i am. I can’t find my other half if this half isn’t even fully formed. Of course i’ll be growing my whole life, but there is a point i must get to before i join with another and grow together. I just hope i’m doing things right, and don’t make bad choices like Jane in the pic.

And in saying all this, i’m of course speaking of a future husband. I’m hoping that is the soulmate i have. I want to have close girlfriends/sisters, but i’m thinking of that one that i stand by forever. Friends sometimes have to move apart, follow their own lives, but i speak of a soulmate that shares my life, in a sense.

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