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find at least one thing each day that makes me happy and record it everyday for a year

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Day 78

10.14.11 Making plans and looking for a new house!! Going furniture shopping! Kitchen and bath room shopping! Looking at paint colors… Oh I love home planing :)

Day 77

10.13.11 Zak telling me I have stinky toes and that one day he’s gonna give me a ring pop c:

Day 76

Little tattoos
Sugar gliders
The night circus
Yogurt with granola

Day 75

10.11.11 Blue bell vanilla bean ice cream with milk poured over it!

Day 74

10.10.11 My stuffed penguin Zak got me at the Aquarium the last time we were in Corpus Christi

Day 73

10.09.11 Being so behind in this goal due to little internet access but religiously writing them down everyday and filling it out when I can.

Day 72

10.08.11 My super secret can’t give details hermi crab project!

Day 71

10.07.11 Zak going with me to my lifegroup at Antioch!


10.06.11 Hot made when ordered sugar biscuits from China King… yum

Day 69

10.05.11 Having my iPhone back on!!! Woohoo :o)

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