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This day has come

Well. Finally this has happened and I now have a lovely, healthy beautiful daughter called Olivia. Born the 2nd December at 14.41 & weighing in at 7lbs 7ozs. Wasn’t the best of deliveries, but well worth every ounze of pain & energy.

One on the way

I was delighted to find out that in March my husband to be and I are expecting our first child in December.
I feel very womanly with my ever expanding belly!
I am to date 19+5 wks pregnant. I feel the ikkle bambino kicking and somersualting around in my belly. last night s/he gave me a good couple of kicks. It was amazing!!!
Can’t wait till Roy (husband to be) can feel tha baby kicking inside too

Is the time now??

_I am looking forward to me and my longterm partner having children sometime soon. I am more keen then he is at present, as he wishes us to be really settled in good jobs so that we can provide well for our children( nothing wrong with that I know)
As soon as I hit the ripe age of 30 years old I literally felt my biological clock counting down.
I don’t know why my body was screaming at me to get a move on. But it has excactly on my 30 birthday. I wasn’t bothered and said that I would like children by the time I was 33. I have excactly 2 years and 9 months left!._

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