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This is a vampire spell.I have never tried itand neither of my friends have.I’m working on being a mermaid.This is it and the rules:
It must be nighttime.Say this 10 times.
“Blood red,pale skin,
Moolight,draw me in.
Quench my thirst,coarseing veins,
let my body feel no pain.”
Side effects:
Growing fangs
Getting pale skin
Being more awake at night and more tired during the day
The urge to drink blood,but you can control the beast within
Sharper senses


My new spell is here!
Okay,it’s a mermaid spell,as useual.
Here’s what to do:
Go to somewere with a water [you can be in a full body or your hand can be in a cup of water,your choice]and it has to be a full moon.
Go in the water and say “Kali”.You can choose your power [Freezeing,morphing water,boiling,or all 3]but if you try it with multi peeps,just say it in a row.The first who says it get’s the power to freeze water,the seceond morphing,the third boiling,and the fourth all three.In one day you will become a mermaid,or man.You’ll be like the mermaids off of H2O Just Add Water,with the orange-brown tails.And you’ll only be a mermaid/man if after 16 seconds you touch water.You can use your power whenever you want,even the weather powers!If you got Freezeing you get snow,if you got morphing you got wind,and if you got boiling you got lightning and fire.
NOTE:I forgot to tell you you have to have a symbol(necklace,bracelet,headband,ring,ect.)


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