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pass driving exam

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Shoot me.

My Dad’s workmate somehow managed to enroll me on exam before December. I was practicing hard to do my best and it helped – I didn’t feel unsure like I used to before.
Everything went well at manoeuvre area and I was like ‘omg, finally! yes, yes, yes!’ Then I was driving in town with examiner (old guy, dummy but didn’t come across as surly – my Dad’s workmate said later that he was ok).
I escaped few ‘dangerous’ situations, pulled in without any problem (I was afraid of it the most) but later on the right one man in his car was waiting before zebra until people come across the street. I thought ‘ok, he’s there, so I can go’.
... We both moved forward at the same time. Then examiner pushed footbrake – end of exam. I pushed through precedence.
You can’t imagine how angry I was. I lost faith in myself. Good examiner, Suzuki (better than Fiat Punto!) easy track – this may not happen again. That was my third probe :(


Unfortunately I didn’t pass today. For the second time I had THE SAME examiner and I failed. I was stressed but I’m mad at myself ‘cuz I could do it. Next exam’ll be in December :( there’ll be snow everywhere so I guess I’ll fail once again. My parents were angry (no backing) only my grandma felt sorry for me.
Why do I have such a bad luck?


I passed theoretical exam today but failed at manoeuvre area :( I didn’t hit any traffic cone – just pulled in box too shallowly so examiner failed me. I’m hopeless.

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