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Learn About My Family History


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Learning Family History

Family history is hard to learn, but do research! Who knows what you’ll find—I found two—three! Wonderful things
about my family. One, was that we’re related to Abraham Lincoln by Mary Todd, two, Mary Todd starred in a movie
called “Vampire Hunter” and was the main celebrity, the Vampire Hunter, and three, my most FAVORITE resource,
my family is Wiccan—Witches and Wizards! Isn’t that awesome? I just wish I could share my heritage with my
cousins. Since my family is famous because of Abraham Lincoln, I can do lots more research on the Internet than at
home. Now, I’m studying witchcraft! But as for the rest of my family—They don’t know yet, ‘sept for my mother(she
isn’t a witch) and my father(who is a wizard) Isn’t discovering dark secrets of your family awesome?


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