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Become a vampire hunter

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Become a vampire hunter

I suppose you’ll start hunting witches next, huh? Half of the vampires DON’T hunt and kill humans. They only do what their supposed to know. Underworld people(Vampires, Werewolves, Witches..) don’t want to take over the human world, their just doing what they need to do. They don’t torture humans before they kill them, just a quick, clean death. Underworld people, such as me, are clean people, under a secret World and part of a secret World, but don’t you think we have feelings? We aren’t as cold as you think we are, and sometimes I, and the Underworld, thinks half of you are jealous you AREN’T one of us. I carry witch AND vampire blood, though only a hint of vampire blood. I do not drink blood, so don’t bother hunting ME. I’m not even sure you’d live through hunting me. I am a witch who knows lots of spells to hurt, torture, and kill quickly.
Please stop trying to kill vampires please. They are only doing what they need to do. Yes, I am SUPPOSED to take up for my people, because they are people with feelings, like you. Not the way Twilight makes them look.

Thanks for your time,

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