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Becoming Wiccan

To start off with, you must stop worshiping and praying to God. You must look up to the Goddess now, whom some people reffer to as “Mother Earth” or “Mother Sky” . I’m not saying you have to quit believing God is real, just stop worshiping him. Some Christians and people say Wicca is Satanism, which it clearly IS NOT. They don’t understand the Goddesses are real and were here long ago, walking the same earth we walk this very day. The devil has nothing to do with witchcraft, otherwise all people who were witches would be in Hell by now. If they were in Hell, their spirits would haunt their family members and other people, and I haven’t heard of it. We also believe there’s a place we go when we do pass called the “Summerland” , the land of eternal summer. We wait there until we are re-born into other lives, back into the world, so basically we just keep coming back into the world again and again. If you want to stay in the Summerland, I guess you have to perform a ritual or something while there, or talk to the Goddesses. Yes, the Goddesses will be in the Summerland as well.

I hope this answered some of your questions and new beliefs.


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