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oh bugger off...

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getting rid of people who are waste of time. Yippee.

Treading water in dull friendships. Better to be alone.


I am glad to say I`m going to be getting a new batch of students following a sort of restructuring of my days.

I am utterly sick of the ones I have now , the feckless ingrates.


I just don`t think I like people that much. All my friendships grind to a halt at some point.


I really need to spend some time alone.

I think i`ll plan a little trip to some place in the interior of the state for a long weekend.

It really isn`t good to be constantly in anothers company. Makes one irritable.


I feel less resentful and irritable now than I have for a long time.

I`m not sure quite why.

I think it`s partly to do with the paintings going well.

Also, I recentl made a trip to the UK, which reminded me why `m lucky to be here, Brazil.

People everywhere.

I need to spend a few days on my own.


I seem to have managed to construct a lifestyle in which I only do what I please.

This is quite wonderful.

My only fear is it being taken away from me by some misfortune.


Today I am going to look at an exhibition and paint a bit and drink more wine.


Today, as yesterday and the day before I am not doing anything except painting sea-shells and drinking wine.

Somethings that I wish I had said to my manager but didn't...

...”fuck off you tosser”

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