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Let this goal represent the contract within myself to make healthier, wiser decisions become habits and to feed my body with respect & love that will be sure to help grow my life's over-all wellness

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Don’t think I’ll ever be truly done with this, However I have made changes in my life and keep making changes for the good. So I will mark it as done.

I would

like to give everyone on this goal this



So, this weekend I went to West Virginia for a youth retreat lol, I’m sorry it’s just funny me and youth don’t really go together cause I’m like 30 anyway, They had these big cookies for after the meetings and stuff (only eat one thank you.) had a chocolate bar on Friday and a candy on Saturday. but I think I did ok, stood away for most of it, lol anyway this next month will be hard cause I don’t know when and if I can work out I got Jury Duty all month and the place I go to I can only go at a certian time so, this month I pray that Jury doesn’t last all day and it gets out so I can walk to the gym and work out. I share a goal with littlerascal70, I want and need to lose weight for alot of reasons but one I want an awesome tattoo that is in part my design and will show my faith to all who see but, I really want it on my shoulder so for the next few months I’m working on losing my belly and toning up my arms.

Goal & pic

Ok, so I already have no soda on my list, but I really need to wipe it off my list before I start another one, by the end of the month it will be off my list. I don’t like this picture that much, I look bigger sitting down lol but who cares this goal is about change and this is what I need to change, my problem is that I have muscle too and I don’t want to lose that but, you know the saying muscle weights more then fat!

First off

Thanks for the invite, I wish I had cheers but the goblin stole them from me. Ok, not really good at this but I will try.

My Mission and yes I choose to except it.
I need to lose at least 100 pounds cause I have decided enough is enough and I have to take this weight off, I will work out 3 days a week for at least 30 mins, if not an hour and walk every day, I am going to accept that God created me and that he doesn’t make trash therefore I will not say degrading comments about my body or/and about any part of my life, I will except that my body is a temple and I need to start treated it as such by working out,praying more,reading my bible more, and watching what I put in to my body. I will get my Christian ministry off the ground and stop at nothing to improve both my life physically and mentally and that of my friends and family.

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