*Takergirl* in Salisbury is doing 32 things including…

receive 43 postcards from 43 different 43Thingers

13 cheers


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Paoli bound.

going to see my mom for a month if anyone wants a postcard from Paoli,In Please Pm me on here or facebook before the 3rd of August. and as always if you want a Maryland postcard please let me know at anytime And I’ll get back to you A.S.A.P.

I still need 10 postcards to make my goal


comes from Josh

I totally love it, thanks so much!


comes from Todd Schoonover,Tangerine Rose,Sammie,
Jillianne,Restless,Yvonne & J Willow. Thanks everyone wish I could have been there with ya! This is a beautiful card.
If, I forgot anyone please let me know so, I can think you 2.

33 send 32 recevied.


comes from Todd Schoonover,Flirt,Jess and Shelly

Thanks so much.

32 send 31 recevied.


comes from quiddities

I totally love it thank you so much.

32 sent 30 recevied

Thank you!

To LauralyBeautiful. I know it don’t count on this goal but my other post card goal it does I got Tennessee cool! Cheers. I <3 post cards.

If anyone wants an Indiana post card PM me befor April 10th and I will be sure to send you one when I go visit my mom in April.


Comes from theba2il
I love it. and now I got Nevada for my 50 states post card goal as well, thank you for helping me on two of my goals. yours will be in the mail this week. Cheers!

30 sent 29 recevied

don't count

but I love it and can’t not post it. This comes from Lauraly Beautiful thank you! Thank you! I love it!

Only counts

towards my 50 states goal. but I wanna post this post card I love animals Thanks again Todd!

28th card

Thank you! Todd Schoonover

and TexasLin

*Takergirl* has gotten 13 cheers on this goal.


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