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Somewhere around 15

Went on a low calorie diet for two months. Less than 900 was the goal. However, the last couple of month with the kids have been difficult. Starter riding my bike for 1.5 hours a day. Well see if this helps.

Watching the calories works well, but you really have to count and if you stop start back right away. Make sure the calories you do have are healthy foods.

Works, but have to be dedicated.

Ugh... 10 lbs still

My kids got me a Wi Fit for my birthday. I have been walking three to five times a week 4-7 miles each time. I don’t think I am eating right, but I feel like I have a little more energy this month.

I felt silly standing in front of the TV jogging with cartoons, but to be honest after 30 minutes of running I was sweating. Well, I feel healthier, but it would be nice if the weight would start to leave…

Any metabolizing secrets would be great.

Best Wishes,

Cut the calories

Well four day of calorie counting 1100 less calories, and 3 days of walking/fast 4 miles each day. I forgot to get on the scale but progress

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