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realized that he’s full of himself.

Over him!

I think I’m pretty much over him. Got back in touch -it was nice for a while, but then another falling-out and finally realized what he’s really like. He’s really not as mature as I used to think, and he can be so full of himself. So no more feelings for him. No longer this big emotional thing over him.

60% over him

Well I don’t make an effort to show up where he is now. And I don’t think about him that much, but he seems to still be in the back of my mind a lot. But I think I’m more detached emotionally from the idea of him. All these other guys text me on weekends and I’m not excited about any of them but I just hang out with them.

I think this whole thing has made me more grounded which is good. So next time a guy is really sweet to me I will be better at staying grounded through it and hopefully not show too much feeling or not act the way I did around him. I’ve learned a lot through hanging out with him in the past. He’s a lot more mature than some of the other guys that contact me. I hope I find someone like him again.

I really have to get over him!

I really have to get over him, and stop showing up where he is, and asking him about himself when he doesn’t really say much or ask me much unless I initiate the topic. I have more of a romantic curiosity than a real interest in a relationship, but I keep going back. I keep thinking of ways to get to see him again. And then I hope that he’ll ask me out one of these days.

He shows that he likes my company in general and will give me light hugs and hint about seeing me at some event, or helping me out with something in the future, and those things fuel my hopes and keep me going back, and thinking about him too much. Even though I meet lots of other guys, and get asked out by them, it’s always him that I think back to and want to go out with – he is all the more attractive just by the fact that he never makes much effort to contact me or see me, but he knows how I feel! So frustrating!

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