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Do 10 nagging tasks a week, no matter how small, until I feel caught up

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Week of 11/4/12

It’s been awhile since I worked on this goal, I’m hoping to get 10 things done this week!

1 – Put away the Halloween decorations
2 – Put laundry away
3 – Changed the bedroom sheets
4 – Worked on my side table refinishing project, its almost done!
5 – Canceled a doctors appointment (at the last minute, oops)
6 – Requested replacement registration stickers for my car
7 – Cleaned expired food out of the fridge
8 – Took out garbage and recycling
9 – Found the form for ordering new license plates, now to get that completed and sent out…
10 – Cleaned out the dance studio email and filed everything that had been piling up

Week of 9/2/12

1 – Updated my budget based on my changed income
2 – Cleaned the fish tank
3 – Hung artwork in my dining area
4 – Rescheduled a doctors appointment
5 – Paid a parking ticket
6 – Dropped curtains off at the organic dry cleaner
7 – Dropped off my rent check, had to do it in person since I waited until the last possible day
8 – Changed the vacuum cleaner filter

Week of 8/26/12

I’ve been lazy the last few weeks…must make it to 10 this week!

1 – Balanced checking account
2 – Finished unpacking all boxes with kitchen items
3 – Cleaned off the kitchen counter & dining table
4 – Made an appointment to get life insurance policies for me and my sister so our business will be protected should something happen to one of us
5 – Researched my options for what to do with the money in my 401K now that I have quit my job
6 – Transferred photos from my phone to my computer so I can upload them soon
7 – Called my bank to update my address on all of my accounts
8 – Updated my auto insurance with my new address
9 – Purchased renter’s insurance
10 – Did the dishes for the first time since I moved (I’ve been eating out a lot)
11 – Ordered filters for the fish tank

Week of 8/19/12

1 – Balanced my checking account
2 – Paid bills
3 – Swept and mopped the bathroom and pantry floors
4 – Hung shelves in the kitchen
5 – Vacuumed my car, boy does it look better!

Week of 8/12/12

1 – Finished prepping for a meeting at the dance studio
2 – Sorted through the massive pile of junk in the dance studio inbox
3 – Cleaned out my purse
4 – Cleaned off the junk piles on my desk

Week of 8/5/12

1 – Rearranged my new bedroom to make all the furniture fit
2 – Caught up on work emails
3 – Organized my closet
4 – Completed my check-in sheet for my new apartment
5 – Wrote out a list of maintenance requests
6 – Dropped all my paperwork off with the landlord
7 – Moved personal files from the dance studio laptop to my personal computer
8 – Sifted through all the files on the dance studio laptop in preparation for moving them to our new computer
9 – Dropped my broken TV off at a recycling location

Week of 7/29/12

1 – Reserved a truck for my move this weekend
2 – Caught up on emails
3 – Paid bills
4 – Balanced my checking account
5 – Called my utility company to transfer my services for my move at the end of the week
6 – Set up internet service at my new apartment
7 – Picked up cleaning & packing supplies
8 – Picked up a new window shade to replace the broken one in my old apartment
9 – Made a reservation for our dance studio end of year party

Week of 7/21/12

1 – Unpacked from my trip
2 – Cleaned up the kitchen
3 – Made phone calls to my new & current property managers in preparation for my move next week
4 – Cleaned receipts out of my purse and balanced my checking account
5 – Cleaned out my car
6 – Set up the August pages in my planner/organizer
7 – Arranged my move-out/move-in date for next week

Week of 7/15/12

1 – Cleaned receipts out of my purse and balanced my checking account
2 – Paid bills
3 – Did some laundry so I’m ready for my trip this weekend
4 – Sorted through the junk piles on my desk
5 – Renewed AAA membership
6 – Cleaned out my work bag and recycled old papers

Week of 7/8/12

1 – Went in search (successfully) of elbow length white gloves for one of my dancer’s routines for their upcoming competition
2 – Picked up the new dance studio computer
3 – Returned dance studio emails
4 – Cleaned up the kitchen
5 – Balanced my checking account
6 – Cleaned the bathroom (long overdue!)
7 – Vacuumed the apartment
8 – Threw out all my old bed pillows are replaced with new ones
9 – Disposed of old products taking up space in the bathroom

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