Mme Delacroix is doing 40 things including…

receive 43 postcards from 43 different 43Thingers

30 cheers


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Mme Delacroix has written 37 entries about this goal

#35 From the Seattle Meet Up Gang ;)

Thanks for thinking of me!

#34 Spring Summer Fall & Winter in Seattle

Thanks everyone!!!

#33 A Funny Giant Bean

from 43Ts meet up in Chicago :)

#32 A Sparkling Card from Mexico :)

Thanks nomorehotdogs !!!

#31 Czarist Ornamentation from Wisconsin

sent by RONF & Charmaine :)

#30 A View of Mount Fuji

from lovely brighteyes :)

#29 A State Capital

from Heavee & Todd

#28 Flowers From Japan

Very pretty ooomikiooo

#27 A Handmade Christmas Postcard

Thanks Rü, it’s beautiful : )

#26 a card from the road from Todd, Dan & Toddie M ; )

Mme Delacroix has gotten 30 cheers on this goal.


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