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minimize my material possessions

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Success! Got it down to less than 8 boxes

Now that I’ve moved, I can accurately rate my progress. On each of my 2 pre-move visits, I brought 2 boxes each time. Before I moved last week, I shipped 2 more boxes. And on the flight I only had 2 small suitcases and a backpack (about 1.5 boxes). That’s 7.5 boxes. I’m not including my dog’s crate and bed, and if I removed his other toys and supplies I would probably have gotten down to 7 boxes.

It’s awesome. Without all that stuff to worry about, I feel much more at ease. Except that I’m starting to find all-new things to worry about, so I’ll have to keep that in check. But I won’t clutter up my life ever again, I hope!

Down to my last 15 items - thanks again Craigslist

I’ve sold nearly everything that I don’t use or need. It’s so liberating. But it’s funny… now that I have some extra money from selling things, I can’t help but look at new things that I want to buy! I’ll try not to. Or at least I’ll make sure that whatever I buy still fits in with my new lifestyle of “not owning much stuff.”

My ultimate goal is to be able to fit all my stuff into 6 boxes, and very little or replaceable furniture (bed, desk, some folding tables). I think I’m at about 10-12 boxes now, but that includes my dog’s stuff so I’m not sure I should count those (about 2 boxes, plus his crate/beds).

As soon as those last 15 items sell, I’m checking this off as Done!

Craigslist rules!

Little by little, I’ve been selling my extra stuff on Craigslist. I’ve made over $500 getting rid of little things that I don’t need anymore… sports jerseys, framed pictures, coctail plates, and other little knicknacks. It’s great!

Every weekend I find a few things, takes pictures, and post a classified ad on Craigslit. About 75% of the stuff has sold. Cash. No shipping. No commission (screw you, Ebay!).

Better than a garage sale, anytime.

Hangers - should they stay or should they go?

Last year I bought 40 wooden hangers with cedar necks and streong metal clips to hang my pants. I was tired of my plastic hangers breaking on me, so I figured I’d “invest” in a good set of hangers that would last me forever.

But now I’m moving overseas, and the hangers are quite heavy. Is it worth bringing them over? Or should I give them up and go back to cheap plastic hangers when I get there?

30 boxes

I’m down to living in only 1 room in the house. I bought 25 small and medium cardboard boxes. I want to try and condense my life into less than 30 boxes. That’s my goal. I’ll have to get rid of more old clothes, really try and keep the wardrobe simple and multi-functional. I’ll get rid of more books—I still have 3 or 4 small boxes (better than the 10 or more that I started out with).

I’m also trying to ‘go digital’—CDs, especially, but also my office and bills and such, so I can have a smaller filing cabinet. And also use things like Blogger and 43Things to keep track of stuff, instead of notebooks. I think I’ll keep most of the pictures I already have, because scans are never as good as the originals, but all new pictures will be digital.

I might even not buy a TV and just use my computer. I already watch a lot of TV shows like that, why not go all the way. A TV is big, and one less thing to worry about or pay cable tv bills or such.

Moving -- taking inventory of everything

Moving has helped me tremendously with starting this goal. I have to pack everything up, so I get to see it all.

The first thing I did was to sell or donate all of the extra stuff that I knew I didn’t need or want, stuff I just pack-ratted. Books, kitchen stuff, etc.

The second thing I did was to get rid of the “wishful thinking” and “nice idea” things that I’ve kept around for years. Most of this was clothes that i used to fit into or were slightly out of fashion, but also some games and toys that i never played, books that i know i don’t care about re-reading, knick-knacks and shelf-fillers.

The hardest was the “reminder” and “need versus want” cleanout. What do I really need to live, and what things are ‘wants’ but I can live without. There were a lot of sentimental things that I threw away, but I realized that I didn’t need them anymore. They were just reminders. A picture is a great reminder, and it’s tiny and easy to keep with me. (Even better if I scan it in to a computer and don’t have to keep the picture at all.)

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