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draw comics

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TequilaMitch has written 2 entries about this goal

On Hold

This one is on hold for now. I’ve already got a lot of other things to do. Someday I’ll buy a sketch pad and some pencils, but for now i’ll just jot my dialog and story ideas and tuck them away for later.

World's worst artist

I can’t draw. Even my stick figure people look retarded. I have no sense of proportion or shape or how to make something in the 3D world appear on a 2D piece of paper. I just don’t have that vision. I think I try to draw things too literally.

Although I want to learn to draw real things, I think cartoons are a better option for me. More room for “artistic license” (crappy drawings) that don’t need to look real.

I have an idea for a cartoon. A mix of politics and religious themes, a few different families in a small American town. Mostly people, but maybe a few animals too.

My favorite comics: Calvin & Hobbes (RIP), FoxTrot, Dilbert, Citizen Dog (RIP), Boondocks. I also have an old book of Sad Sack comics from WWI or WWII that’s pretty awesome. When I was a kid I liked Peanuts, but looking back there are very few that speak to me as an adult.

I think I’ll aim for a FoxTrot/Dilbert/Citizen Dog type of look, where the people are exaggerated, not lifelike. Start with just one family, like FoxTrot.

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