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Bestseller Thriller Novel     Never Go Back:A Jack Reacher Novel. By #1 Bestselling Author Lee Child

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Finished 'Holly cow' by Sarah McDonald

I had started reading it long back, and then somehow shelved it as I got busy with java preps. Finally finished it last week. Initially i did not like it and thought the author was going to whine about anything and everything she came across for the rest of the book. She does that for a while, but then it seems she got used to stuff she was hating and complaining about. Once you are past the whining part, it is fun read. PROVIDED you don’t have fixed ideas about your own religion or feel strongly about how it should be followed. You will enjoy the book if you are curious about how so many religions can co-exists in a country.

I enjoyed her language, she has got great sense of humor. On many occasions I could identify with her feelings about different religions, and I could have never expressed them so well. A less whining would have helped, but still, the book is definitely worth a read.

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