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Life is made of years – years are made of months – months of weeks and weeks of days. If you want to live a meaningful life, you need to try to make your days meaningful. What is meaningful varies from person to person. For me, the goals matter. Wheather I achieve them or not does not matter, but they need to be there. I want to live with intensions. I cannot live passively.

50 years down the line, what would I like to have accomplished? What achievements would give me a sense of fulfilment? What memories would I love to cherish? What things would I regert? I am going to think about and answer all these questions. They will be my life goals.

How do I go about achieving them? I am going to add these goals to this 43things. A few at a time; those that I need to start working on right now. I want to start every single day, with this list in my mind. I want to work on some of the goals and make some progress. That way I can go bed peacefully knowing that my day has added something meaningful to my life.

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