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Might move this goal up...

I’m moving next month, and it will be literally houses away from the cemetery I mentioned in my last post. Hopefully, this will get me motivated to start that second book. I’ve found that there is actually another book about the same cemetery, but I’m not too worried about that. Unlike the other book, which is about the history of the cemetery, my book will be based on the various intricate gravestones located all over the grounds there. :D

The pic above is Dexter Mausoleum, one of the oldest in the whole cemetery, and is an exact miniature of a cathedral in France.

Shedding Skin...

My first book was called ‘Shedding Skin: Hardcore Identity-Change and Vanishing Techniques for the New Millenium’. I sold it online for about 6 years and made about $10,000 with it. :D

You can still read it for free here:

The pics are not showing anymore for some reason, but the complete text is still there.

My next book will be based on artistic grave markers in an historical cemetery near me.

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