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Watch Breakfast at Tiffany's

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I just watched it with my mama. She said she hasn’t seen it in years, and wanted to watch it with me. What a lovely story. Boy, was she a hot mess…a funny, hot mess, but wowza, a mess. I really enjoyed being taken back to that period in time. The characters were wonderful, and George Peppard was quite the handsome gentleman. I will surely watch his gem again. It further cements my long-time little dream of going all out for Halloween in full Audrey’s Tiffany style. :)

There is a copy...

with my name on it sitting at the library as I type. I will definitely be accomplishing this goal in the next few days, as I am heading there tomorrow. :)

I'm waiting

for a copy to come in at the library. I’m next in line!

I meant to have a whole film viewing night with my boyfriend (at the time) when he got back into town in July of 2011…wow, that’s a long time ago! Time flies. We had a list of all kinds of things to do together, some of which would have been goals on my list, but things went south after a few monhs with us, and we never really got around to watching this.

I think that’s why I haven’t touched this goal since then. I was in love with him (still am, stupidly), and it broke me apart how we slowly fell away. He is in a different phase of his life than I am, and he needs to still work on priorities and motivation in life.

I want to watch this by myself and mark this as done. Every time I see this goal, it reminds me of him and how we used to be. I have known him for years, and we still chat here amd there, but it’s on and off.

Time to get this done! :)

Audrey, here I come!

patiently waiting...

I told my boyfriend about this goal (but not too much about my 43T) and he was a little surprised I hadn’t seen this before.

A while back, we started thinking of things to do when he gets back home and he thought we should add this to our list…he’s going to watch it with me. :)

So, I’m waiting for my guy to get back to watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s. complete my goal.
He’s spectacular. <3

P.S. He also said he’s going to help me complete many of my other goals…he’d be a great camping-dancing-concert-going-cuddling-under-the-stars companion! (((smiles)))

I saw this goal and had to have it!

I absolutely adore the thought of Audrey Hepburn but I really haven’t seen many of her movies, for whatever reason.

I have Breakfast at Tiffany’s somewhere within my VHS collection; it’d be so easy to grab it and take a bit of time to enjoy such a classic! I, admittedly, feel the absurd need to get all dolled-up; little black dress, heels, hair done up…oh goodness, I’m experiencing a solid girly moment! =D

I would love to have a theater run a showing of Breakfast at Tiffany’s! Then I’d definitely have a reason to doll-up for the evening! ;) That’d be so awesome to watch it on the big screen.

*I just recently watched the original Wizard of Oz at the Mall of America theater; that was really cool to see.

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