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I think I (and we) need to focus on what we have and on what our abilities are… and not constantly think “what should i have achieved by now” or “(s)he has it so much better”.. it doesn’t matter if you are married by 30 or if you have a degree.
Even though it’s hard with some things, I try to improve things I don’t like in my life or about myself. It’s small steps…
If you don’t feel pretty… focus on what you like. I’m sure there’s SOMETHING…Noone is I try to be the best I can and a good friend, good student, good worker. It makes me happy if I make other people happy… I think that’s the most important thing: That you are proud of yourself because you try to be a good person, not because you’re skinny or work 24/7.
I will never be “perfect”. And it doesn’t matter really.

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