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Back to Nature

I decided that reading ‘The Origin of the Species’ indoors was wrong, after all, the book is about the theory of evolution of the world all around us, not of the 4 walls of my apartment around me.

So this morning I packed a blanket, pillow and lunch and headed down to the Botanical Gardens. I went for a walk around the rainforest section of the Gardens and then up to the waterfall – very relaxing. I then found a nice tree to sit myself under for the rest of the afternoon. I finished the notes by the Ed. and now am into Darwin’s actual work. I’m actually enjoying it more than I expected too! I think from now on I’ll only read ‘The Origin’ when I can be outdoors as today was lovely.


I finally picked this up off my bookshelf and started reading it. Mind you, I’m not even up to Darwin’s work, I’m still getting through the Editor’s section at the beginning. I have a feeling this one might take awhile, but I’ll get there…

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