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Croup While on the Master Cleanse

So I started this last week when I had small symptoms of the croup. I’ve been fealing great and haven’t cheated, even had a ton of energy anyways this morning I woke up and can barley swallow, my throat is just KILLING me! I’m thinking that the Maple Syrup is feeding the bacteria in my throat, actually I switched from Grade A to Grade B yesterday, could that be the cause? What should I do? I seriously don’t want to stop all the progress I’ve made but the pain is unbearable!


So I was having troubles with the SWF like I’m sure most of you have. I tried putting the salt, in a shot glass of water, shooting it then chugging 1 Quart of bottled water, that did work but was still quite hard for me so then I decided to buy some capsules and fill then with the salt then drink the water. Although it did work, it took 11 000’ capsules and by the 6th one I was gagging on them. If your good at taking giant pills though, this one will prob work for you, I’m not sure if the gel capsules are all that healthy for you but they do have them in Vegan form.

Hope that helps, I also put the cayenne pepper in the capsules so I could take 10x the amount per serving.


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