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learn to speak German

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I don't think I'll ever really finish...

but I’m clearing off my list of goals and have decided to mark this done, even though it’ll maybe never be done. I’ve learnt enough German that I can try to speak it, even though I still get nervous about it and I’m not very good.

There’s a group of German speakers that meets up once a month near me to speak German. So I’m just going to make my new goal to go along to that each month and maintain my knowledge.

One thing I really appreciate about learning German is that it led me to reading some really good children’s books. I like Momo by Michael Ende and Krabat by Otfried Preußler. I often think of Momo since I read it and I really recommend it.

I think I'm getting better

I vacillate between feeling like this goal is completely hopeless and I’ll never be able to speak German, and feeling like I’m basically doing okay. It’s like trying to get somewhere by sitting on a glacier. Maybe the German-learning glacier will melt first.

I’m coming to the end of four weeks of intensive German study. I decided to just ignore work for a bit and enrol in an intensive course. At that time I was finishing up A2, so I started there. Then on my first day the teacher said I should be in a higher level, so I skipped up to halfway through B1. But the new class was a bit boring, and I thought – if I skipped five Lektionen already, why not a couple more? So I skipped to the end of B1 and finished that for two weeks.

And now I’m going back to evening classes at B2 level. I had my first class tonight, and for the first time since I started trying to learn German, I actually felt challenged by the class. I have lots of words to learn over the weekend. So perhaps I will start learning faster. Perhaps not though.

I only have three months left in Germany, so maybe it’s too late for me.


I’m working on this again. After almost a year in Germany, I haven’t improved spontaneously in the way I’d hoped. I can read – I particularly like reading teenage girl thriller novels, who knew? – but I can still barely speak.

So I just started a course at the Volkshochschule around the corner. It’s four weeks of four hours, four days a week. I’m intending to work at night to make up for taking such a large chunk out of my work day. Yesterday I was sick though, so I barely made it to class.

It’s pretty good. The class is not that big (maybe twenty?) and at the price – only €110! – I would be happy with bad. It’s a little bit slow – I was placed in A1.2 just to show how little I’ve progressed – but I guess I’ll learn without trying too hard, and unfortunately there’s no quick way to progress.


I just had a telephone call all in German (about my internet connection). I had to give my birthdate, customer number, address, etc. Just like the things I’ve practised in class, but it made me so nervous. My heartrate’s still elevated.

I just moved to Germany so I really need to learn!!

I’ve been reading children’s stories, and writing down the words I don’t know – which is most of them :) – and their meanings from the dictionary. One book I have came with a CD so I can listen to the stories too.

Then later I go to the website “Quizlet.org” and make myself a list out of the words and test myself on them until I know them. I think it’s working!

I was watching TV last night and I could distinguish some of the words. It’s an improvement…

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