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Out of control

I’ve always loved the sugar. Not creamy sweets; I don’t want any fat to slow the sugar rush. Candy is my especial craving. I started pitching the empty Jujube boxes on my back seat and now it’s covered. I’m talking about the big boxes that can feed a family of five for six weeks. It’s bad. I keep chocolate in my office for other people but have started having at least one little piece every day.

My first plan of attack is no candy or sweets for one month. I’m not gonna get too wigged out about sugar in other stuff because I’ve really cut back on prepared foods. Giving up my Cafe Vienna in the morning is going to be the toughest part. I look forward to that creamy yummyness to get me going. I have some rooibos honey tea that I might try.

The three things that I hope to accomplish in this goal are better skin, better health in general and developing new ways to reduce stress that don’t involve food. I’m also hoping not to kick anyone to death while I kick sugar. Buckle up; it’s going to be a cranky ride…

Tiisi does not share entries outside 43T & asks the same. has gotten 5 cheers on this goal.


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