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I had a complete eye exam about two weeks ago.

Recovering past upsets

Two people on that list.
I repaired one of them. One hasn’t returned two phone calls.
The second guy still sends me Christmas cards.
Wonder what that’s all about..


Not unlike Baskin Robbins, I’ve become the flavor of the month.
I’ve checked off “my nails are healthy and look good.”
Putting “healthy nail day” on my rolling to do list was critical here in getting the job done.

Bad Habit Had Resurfaced

I started picking at my nails again about 6 months ago. Healthy nails is on the list.
I’ve been good for almost two weeks now.
I’ve been working on getting 60 oz of water in a day, though the list calls for more.

Blood Work Comes Back

Now, I can officially say I’ve had the whole physical thingie.
This pushes me to 30 on the list.

Blood Work from 6-28-2008

I couldn’t really check off the physical part because I hadn’t gone to get my blood drawn.
Why do doctors make such horrific patients?
That physical in 2008 was the first one I’d had since the spring of 1983.

Caffeine and Complain Get Bolstered, Telling the Truth Gets Battered...

Did I chop down the cherry tree?
I am sticking to my 16 oz caffeine daily, and when I run out of my last two Monsters, I will drop my consumption to 12 oz.
I made it past 21 days without complaining and only making requests. Score another one (29) for me there.
I also choose not to suffer. I got treatment for my pinched nerve, and I took an ice bath after my marathon even though I really didn’t want to. Sometimes you have to do a little work not to suffer; and it is worth it in the end.

Complain, Caffeine, & The Truth....

Even though some can’t handle it, I’ve decided to go after “always tell the truth.” I’m 3 days into that.
My caffeine consumption is down to 16 oz per day for four days in a row. I can’t remember if the list says, ZERO caffeine or not…
I made a request with Medicare that a senior rep call me, and that I not have to pay interest on their demand letter. Translation: I’m into another 11 days or so on no complaining, but make a request..


I’ve kept off the complaining. Tomorrow will be 7 days straight.
I made some progress on my car. I got the oil changed, the wipers changed, and the air filter replaced.
I’ve got some lights out, both my high dome, and interior dome.


My score improves by one.
Yesterday marked the 21st day in a row that the bed was made.
I’m 11 days or so in to the “i don’t complain but make requests” item.
Now, I’m tackling 2 liters of water a day. Which will help me with goal #1 on my 43T list, (this goal has been there going on forever).

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