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Chestvoice vs. headvoice

Can’t sing with my chestvoice without some false notes. Can’t sing with my headvoice without having a sore troat within minutes.

Can try to makes these get along instead of picking one side. The more the merrier. Diplomacy has always been one of my specialities.


I love to sing again and I’m actually beginning to like my voice. It’s FAR from it’s true potential, but I can se the possibility of further development now. I just need to get out of this cold, have been coughing for three weaks now.

But I still can’t sing unless I’m on my own.


My vocal rage is bad and my comfort zone small. And I know that the best way of achieving this goal is to take lessons. But they are, trust me, extremely expensive where I live. And no, I don’t know anyone who knows anyone who can teach me. I’ve been looking around on the net for techniques and tips, but everyone says differently.

Damit, I just want to sing! Why does it have to be so hard?

I used to sing in a choir when I was little so I know scales and different exercises to warm up and blah blah blah. I remember that I got some praise for my singing back then so I should have it in me, and I think I do. It was when I realized I had the label “shy-girl” I stopped singing and became shy for real, including my singing.

So what will I do? Practice scales, the same I did when I was little. I will be persistent and realize that it could take some time before I recognize any difference. Lucky for me I’m stubborn. Just wait, I will sing.

And when I forget why I even bother trying there’s there are always sources for inspiration: (Damn, she’s good!)

Doh!..Re Mi

I’ve sung pretty much by my own this fall, and I guess I have improved a bit – at least my throat doesn’t hurt after singing for an hour which has to mean that I’m on the right track.

But then I happen to hear a gifted singer, one makes everyone listen and who reaches all the way into your heart, and I feel lousy.

I have to stop comparing myself to people who have sung for so much longer than I and whose vocal cords aren’t the same as mine. In other words: I am not allowed to compare myself to ANYONE, but myself.

My poor neighbours

I’ve been trying. Singing a little bit every day :) I have a whole bunch of songs that I have sorted in order of difficulty. Now I’m at the easiest ones, where my voice is safe and comfortable.

I feel more at ease singing along with the guitar, but I guess trying to reach the same volume as the piano is more developing.

However, I can’t help feeling sorry for my neighbours or anyone else passing by if they can hear me trough the walls…


Right now I sing a lot along with the piano. I try to sing as loud as I can, even though I am afraid my voice will crack at some places. It feels so stupid and my worst fear is that someone will hear me.

But I can actually feel some progress. And if I am afraid to be heard, I will never be able to sing well.


The last 6 months I have been singing more than I use to and yesterday when I played singstar with a lot of people (about 7 I didn’t even know!) I felt that something had changed. My voice was stronger and my throat never hurt, even though I was the one singing the most! And one guy asked if I was in a band, and said it was pretty obvious, but I am not! And another thought that I should apply for Idol, considering he has heard me played piano as well, but I don’t take that seriously at all. They were probably just trying to make conversation or hit on me, but anyway it was a great boost for my confidence (which has been quite bad not only when it comes to singing)! :D

I warmly recommend playing singstar, even though it sounds extremely bad no one cares and it is extremely fun! You have a great opportunity to experiment with different sounds :) But one problem could be that not all the songs suit your voice perfectly…

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