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Leary of posting this

I spent 1-2 hours talking with someone at work the other day. Rarely do we get uninterrupted hours to chat. (I mean I work in an Emergency Department, and Emergencies or percieved emergencies tend to occur!)
After a while, it was mentioned by the Secretary that myself and this man seemed to be really enjoying ourselves. The triage Nurse remarked that we “looked like we belonged together” and one of the techs said “You guys would make the perfect perfect couple” So of course that lead to a different train of thought. One moment I am enjoying conversation….the next.
He hung around for a while after his shift was complete talking to me and then just left. My Doctor talked with me about this today saying people tend not to hang out after work unless they want to…etc etc etc.
He’s not on the Schedule for the rest of July. :( My Doctor said, “Just go find him” I don’t know how. And I am unsure if the attraction was actually mutual, or if he was passing the time…If I knew of a way to find him, I probably would. Since I don’t I am hoping the schedule changes, and reminding myself that july is only 7 days longer, and perhaps he will be on the schedule for August.
Aaaaagh. This is the first time in a very long time that I have really wanted to spend more time with someone. I hope I’m not setting myself up for heartbreak with everything else going on now, I feel a bit fragile.

What is it about me

that attracts Overweight, obese men to me. Now, I have a lot of friends who are overweight etc, but I really don’t get it. When I am not working, I run, swim or work out….I have not seen a movie since june 2007, I don’t really like to eat out. I don’t have a desire to reform anyone etc either, so what on earth would I have in common with these men? (Admittedly I am not a deep person, I run eat, sleep, work.)
and I gave him my number because I couldn’t think of any way to say no nicely. Insane.
I’d love to go out just for fun, but people never seem to function on a just for fun basis. I know I really don’t.
Now, I have a stomach ache.
I have my eye on two other men right now.

THe other day

during my Mega long session regarding food, the Doctor asked me if I wanted to be in love again. I thought it was odd. He didnt ask if I wanted to be in a relationship, or get married or anything, just if I wanted to be in love.
Interesting question. I am not sure. In theory it sounds nice, but the reality is usually a little different. I’m keeping the goal, but it may be futile, as people tend to want to hook up with people who don’t have messy lives.

SO now

Marathon Man seems to have been pulling my leg a bit,and wants to set me up with his friends. A friend of mine says its like saying, “Gee this coat doesn’t quite suits me, so i’ll give it to one of my friends.” Being the coat doesn’t feel very nice at all.


I have decided that I am definitely NOT falling in love. more like being highly irritated and stressed.

But we’ll see. things can always change.

Lack of contact

When there was supposed to be a conversation has gotten me all upset. Stomach hurts, nauseous, feeling inallaspect,simply physically ill. While I am awaiting to see how it all pans out, I am also flogging myself. WHile I get this isn’t really easy for everyone, it does seem particularly difficult for me…
Perhaps I should care less, but then that usually leads to….
Blech. Sad.

Making some small progress

at least. We chat on the phone for long periods of time. We still seem to like each other. He is nervous, I am nervous. I want to lose weight, which is ridiculous…but since I was already doing it I think I’ll continue…
Up in the clouds now.

Another interesting

conversation last night. God talk. Seems we are more compatible than I would have imagined.

More photos sent. Now, feeling anxious awaiting a response.

I hate these things, but yet, i sort of crave it anyway.


More telephone.
tentative plans to take a contract where he lives in the future to see how things work out.

similar views of food, training, religion,dogs, dancing (he says I will not force you to dance :))

worried now because of course this is all in virtual reality. Not sure how it is going to translate into real reality.

But I know I am falling because I get sad when he doesn’t call, and when things go right, he’s the first person I want to tell.
Plus, he’s capable of running a full marathon and returning to pace my last 5-10 miles…on the same course same day… I mean, whats better than that?
but the question still is there, real life…? WHat happens in real life.

A few more

telephone conversations. Enjoyable. I worry alot about these things. But for the moment, it’s alright…

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