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I am again stressed about work.

1. change sheets
2. laundry
3. dishes4. marinate salmon for dinner5. vacuum
6. make some study cards
7. walk dog
8. do a little bit more organization
9. email Skeletor10 get Sisters bday card ready.
11. get ready for Monday. :/

Holiday weekend

And I am entirely stressed about work.

Bike n runtake dog to parkstudy
fold laundry (partly done)
groceriesfind renewal for renters insurance and deal with that. (Agency is closed, so…)
look for a race for sunday. came up empty, oh well will SAVE money.
Think about work actually so that I cna be productive and problem solve my anxiety about it, feeling less anxious.
Pick up prescription
maybe go to library.

Lots to do

Have had a but of feeling fairly down for this week. No real reason. I messed up one workout and that has me upset.
But this weekend, I do have Loads to Do to set myself up for winning.

workoutwalk dogdishes
change sheets
try new beef dish.
long run
research shoes some more.


gotta do some stuff.

run with Travis

walk dog (again)

Add water to fish tank



change sheets

make 20 week plan.

water plants

clear floor

email Coach

focus on the happy.

loads of stuff

to do this weekend. So far.
I have done:
playtime for puppy
gym workout

Now need to:
Steam clean carpet
more laundry
walk dog again
change sheets
maybe talk to F. via text. maybe

OK, so this weekend...

Swim workout…
Clean in 15-20 minute increments.

walk dog

Add water to fish tank.

Scrape Fish tank (It looks good, right not but it could look better…I should really get a pleco, but I think they are creepy.

plant care of the fish tank.

Water plants.

FOAM roll.


Laugh a little

Order Coffee from Zeke’s

refocus a bit

Do a bit of “meal planning” UGH UGH UGH…it’s the right thing to do though.

Write out a list of ingredients for cheese cake.

try to be nicer to people.

this weekend is

about cleaning. maybe I can get an MD appointment.


Download Season one of Castle (in progress)


Oil Change
Write out cards for people while getting oil changed.

Get electrolytes for tomorrows run at track shack or ? fit to run?

Walk dog (done once, but he gets 2 a day.)

Bike 1 hr 20 mins Run one mile.

Remember to get swim suit out of locker.

Charge Garmin for tomorrow

Mix electrolytes etc for tomorrow.

Shop for veggies, work chocolate, and panty hose. MILK.

take over the earth?

New List

Oil Change.

Cards to people

Clean house


Write blog entry about Carbo-pro
Return Sponser’s email.
deal with poor fishies in fish tank. (needs a major clean and update of filters, fish are OK really.)

HOTEL room

OMG so much to do no time

Need to …
Pay rent
pay car payment
Pick up race packet
run stupid speed work out.WORK 8 horrific hours.
send cards to Mom, Nephew and Grandma.
Send card and money to Dad for his Bday and Xmas.
House cleaning…

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