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make a list of what I have to do and do it

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Trauma_Junkie has written 228 entries about this goal

Weekend listy list

READ for work :( (One article read. not well understood will give it a go again tomorrow.)

do workouts (Sat done, not well but done.)

walk dog loads





Using 43things again

means making a list!

MUST do:

Write workout card
prep workout stuff
clean one shelf of fridge
move furniture around.
walk dog

Nice to get done:
change sheets
clean stove top
organize all my reusable totes.
organize drawer…

Stuff I need to do.

run 5K on satmail check to Anna

recharge Garmin

clean out purse

put away airbed (Olympics are over soon!)

change sheets on regular bed



Iron clothing

Pack operation Christmas child stuff up

Ask Jim for help clipping a video again…

-Plan my week very well. -

take out trash

new weekend list

walk dog

get Something to help dogs face heal.

get new work clothing.

hair cut




pack up OCC stuff in suitcase

deposit checks

buy truvia/coffee…



Weekend list.

Add water to Fish tank. Clean it, maybe change filter…

Walk dog

laundry put it away and do one more load


longer run.

Buy plan tickets

Buy hotel

Buy rental car

register for race




order books or gift for Monas kid having surgery.

Make packages for Sara and Mom and Dad…

water plants

write a letter to Grandma…


clean fan blades

finish babble grids

Iron clothing

if I get really bored write BEACH day proposal.

Best to make a list for the next three days

As I feel sort of at wits end.

1. Write C. diff article. (Started)

2. Scrub bath room and kitchen floor

3. run 12 miles

4. dishes

5. letter to Grandma

6. Cook

7. Walk dog.

8. prepare for run

9. Iron

10. Revisit the list if it gets done.

productive day

kind of:

1. failed running.

2. dog walked

3.purchased and changed air filter for ac

4. purchased and assembled Vacuum cleaner! vacuumed some floor

lost my care decal that has to go on car tomorrow. YIKES.


Found my car decal
changed the sheets
EMptied trash created by assembly of the vacuum (walking dog in process)
greeted my neighbor pleasantly.
put more thought into my job than needed
did a lot of vacuuming, and am appreciating how my floor looks!

Today my to do list involves a lot of my goals.

HAIRCUT (My appearance goal, my do unpleasant things goal)

Gym (my running goals, my appearance goal, my lose ten lbs goal.)

Change sheets

tidy house

Pull graphs for Tawnya or do work on Flu plan.

scrub tub.

read relax.

So today

I have a load to do.

Contact Environmental svcs and get the bleach cleaning going for 3T.

take flak for bleach cleaning 3T. (remind self that this flak is less flak than the flak I will get if there is an outbreak.)

Finish NEO slides. YAY.



Rounds :(

try to finish Case studies.


walk dog

Finish up Hand wash data.
Send Overall to Huddle.
Send not overall to everyone else.

Not pull my hair out
Not get frustrated.
Not feel ridiculous.



Walk the dog long. really too hot. so did shorter..

Iron more clothing


drink coffee and relax

?Shopping? groceries fish water stuff.

5 am WORK
transfer/edit slides for 11 am presentation.
6 am pass out candy and questions to the night shift.
7 am get moving on the vigilanz mess. email new presentation to Tamra.
9 round with the crew :(
11 orientation.
12 lunch.
12:30 find CCC minutes for the ETT.
round for handwashing,

work on class for new nurses. cultures etc.

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