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i want to live in the wild


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Leaving May 1st

Hello. My name is Travis. My fiance Alexis and I are heading into the wilderness in a few weeks. I’m not going start by telling you all of the reasons we are leaving. Most of them are plain enough if you look around and you probably have your own reasons as well. We are only interested in your character and will to survive by your own hands.

We are networking with people to find individuals/couples to join us in either creating an Eco-community or joining one already established. We are seasoned backpackers and have been planning this for a few years. We have purchased all necessary equipment for long-term survival in the deep wilderness (a full list can be provided). We will also be bringing with us enough dehydrated food to last the two of us 6-8 months. This food will see us through until we find a suitable location for sustained hunting, gathering, and gardening. As far as locations, we have scouted many and decided the best course is to have 2 separate locations, 1 for summer months and 1 for winter months. We will be staying on National Forest land only and we do not plan to leave the continental US. We currently live in Ohio and our temporary location for the next couple months will be Wayne National Forest starting about May 1st. We will be continuing to network for most of the summer to find more people and the most suitable locations (likely west for summers and south for winters).

We are not dreamers and idle talkers like most of the people on these web sites. We have done an extensive amount of research and primitive camping in preparation of this first step. If you would like to join us on this adventure of self-awakening then please do not hesitate to respond. Serious inquiries only and no one under 18 please. Also, please note that this will be very dangerous. The chances of hunger, sickness and injury are very high if you are not serious about survival skills. So, respectfully, if you are only an average day hiker with dreams of the easy life in some pristine wilderness then you will not survive the harshness of mother nature and can become not only a danger to yourself but also to your companions. My email is thevastnesskeeper at hotmail dot com


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