Treilin in Ypsilanti is doing 16 things including…

get breast implants


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Treilin has written 2 entries about this goal

Not any more

I have decideded that I need to love me for me and not hope for some plastic inserts that people think ‘looks’ good. I’ve worked on way to many women who have on-going back pain. As well as their doc’s not telling them pertinent information about recovery and a year later they are posturally a wreck because they have no idea the extra weight changes their center of gravity. So I’m going to enjoy running and playing sports and not having the added back pain.

My longest goal ever out of 43

I have wanted this since I was 14. Call me nutty but genetics would have it that way. I got teased when I was younger, and now that I’m into figure competitions it appears that this lack in this area is not helping me ast all… It’s something I will do.. the only thing is money holding me back. Since my other goal is to save money, to fulfill my other goal of moving to Georgia, and my other goal of switching careers… I’m trying to fond balance (yes another goal) ;)


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