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In the last few years I have really sorted out the pieces of my life that weren’t working so well. In 2008/2009 I went through a separation and divorce from my first husband. I thought he was the love of my life and that we just needed to work on a few things in order to reconnect. I’m convinced that this could have happened if he had been interested in doing so, but he wasn’t, so I went through the process of mourning the relationship’s demise and felt all of the accompanying sadness. It really and truly was a death of sorts and in the end I came out stronger and better for it. I started to ask myself what I really wanted in life- how I wanted to live. In the last 5 years I have made some significant changes. I now live on the ocean and am with a man who understands me and with whom I am actually more compatible. I have traveled more. I have extended myself socially and have a larger circle of friend. I have worked on creating a better job / career for myself, not sitting in a position that was not right for me, but searching for something that has become more suitable. I’ve also taken courses and learned from others in order to improve my skills. And this year I am finally ready to face the diet and exercise issues that I’ve been postponing. I know I will meet with certain success. When I decide on a goal and lay out a plan, I implement it and achieve it. That’s just how my life is going since my marriage ended. I don’t sit back and say oh, poor me, I can’t do anything – because I know I can. I know my strengths and weaknesses and I am able to follow through on whatever I want to do in life. That’s success! So… here’s to the next steps in the new year – taking control of diet and exercise and throwing in a bit less spending to control my finances. Enjoying the natural resources that are around my home more. These are the factors that will add to the balance I am seeking for 2014.

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