Triniprincess in Trinidad and Tobago is doing 27 things including…

receive 43 postcards from 43 different 43Thingers

29 cheers


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Triniprincess has written 66 entries about this goal

Completed this goal!

I have reached my 43 members and I’d like to thank you all for helping me with this goal. It has been nothing but pure bliss to receive postcards in the mail from you guys, sometimes unexpectedly! I appreciate it very much!!! You guys have brought many, many smiles and grins and giggles to my day on many occasions.

So 47 43thingers and 54 postcards later…I’m marking this goal as done! :D

P.S. I’m still here to help anyone to complete this goal! :)

#47 - Flirt and Sparky

Lol…ok so he’s not really a 43thinger per say but Sparky definitely is making his way around here and needs a moment in the spotlight.

Flirt and Sparky sent me this lovely Kansas card after a wonderful trip! Thanks Flirt for hosting him and thanks for the card! :)

#46 - CrunchyBread

A lovely handmade card from CrunchyBread brought more than a smile to my face! She’s been so excited about exchanging postcards! Simply joyous to see this in my mail box. Thanks Crunchy! :)

#45 - Croatia!!!

A lovely snow scene from Solena D’s little corner of the world. This is beautiful! I love receiving snow scenes! Thanks!

#44 - Anisam

I love the little ears on this guy! He’s cute. I love the squirrel card, but you getting to see these guys on your way to work….how cool is that! Thanks Anisam!

And another one!

Lauraly’s second card is of the beautiful Niagara Falls. I’m really hoping I can take that boat ride before I die. Hope there’s a rainbow like this one as well when I visit. :)

#43 ....Drum Roll....please!

A package from this 43thinger came for me with two postcards, wonder butterfly window stickers, some lovely flower stickers as well….all contained in an envelop beautifully scribbled from the famous Gabriel! I think of all these those scribbles will be worth gold some day :P

Squee!! Thank you LauralyBeautiful.

I love this card of the Mammoth Cave…and I hope you get to visit on your next trip! :)

#42 - Canada

The lovely BeautifulDay sent me this city view of Calgary where she visited! Thanks Beautiful. I love it!

#41 - Seattle Meet

The excitement never dies with a postcard from a meet-up! I wish I’ll be able to go to one of these one day. Thanks to the everyone who sent me this card! Thanks alot.

#40 - Montana meet

Thank you Todd and Texas Lin. Those signs are hilarious btw! Makes me think about what would be written on a card like this about T&T. Nice :)

Triniprincess has gotten 29 cheers on this goal.


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