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Hey guys...

Been crazy..and still is…but just wanted to stop by to say “Hi!”


I miss you guys! Life is giving me a run for my money…yes, more than usual! But I’ll be back soon…October arrived and I didn’t even notice. That’s how crazy things have been! Hope everyone is good! XOXO

Taking a break!

I have some pressing issues that I really need to take care of. Many of them are simply things but if I don’t do them I could be missing some great opportunities. And due to me jumping from one “project” to another recently, these things are being left undone.

Added to which, I plan on taking some days to just relax, breathe, BE! So many great things have been happening, but the downside is that it has been happening all at once. So, presently, my mental space is full because again I haven’t had the time to process all that I needed to.

Hopefully, when I get back, I can appropriately adjust my goal list, which is another pressing issue for me at this time. I have been looking at that list for weeks and have been feeling uninspired. My present reflections have revealed that I’m having problems linking 43things to my short-term goals and/or my “to-do” things. It’s a bit frustrating to see a list of goals that has been there for what seems like forever and it cannot be completed…but at the same time I’m doing so many other things!

So yes….a break is needed indeed! That’s what the site is about anyway…doing more things in our lives. Thus I’m going out there to do them…or at least just sit still for a while so I can plan what I am going to do and how! See you guys in October!

P.S. I’ll be around though, replying to comments etc, just not catching up and making entries as should be.

It's 2:00am

I’ve just gotten home…and I’m online…and I have an 8:00am class in the morning!

School sucks the fun out of everything! I could have very well still be liming!

Another thing.

Today I was looking at a live match of the FIFA U17 Women’s football and the thoughts about me wanting to play but never doing so came to me. I realized (and resented a bit) that I could have been so good at football had I started in High school. Now all I can do is look on and yell at the tv when I see stupid passes. But then…I saw the female referee and it took me back to the Opening match when I was in the tunnel and I saw a team of all female officials going on to the field. I know it’s “women’s football” but for some reason I never thought about the referees, etc being women too! And they looked so good in their uniforms! real official and important!

Then the thought came….maybe I can still exercise my love for the game if I became a referee!! So I asked my dad how long it would take and he said anything from a year to some months…but if I wanted to be good enough to referee for a FIFA game, it would take about 4 years. Soooo….maybe it’s something I could look into! My uncle is an official International referee and I could probably get inside training from him. You know, get certified and do this as something part-time.

I’m writing this and I so know I won’t go through with it. But it’s funny, the way ideas get in my head from simple things in my everyday life. I’m such a confused individual, especially when it comes to my future! When you don’t know where you’re going, everything sparks your interest. Sigh…but at least putting this down here allows me years from now to come back and read this! And I’m pretty sure I’m going to be having a great laugh!

What a task!

I hate doing my resume! I always have and now it’s that time again. Instead of a little update, I truly think I need to redo the entire thing to get what I’m looking for and make myself more marketable. I just really hate doing this. It’s something so vague, where one little thing can throw you off. What makes it worst is that I’m not curtailing my resume for any specific job; I’m simply updating for whatever comes up but…gah I hate this!

Holy Cow!

I got cheered twice by Ru for the same entry!

This has only happened to me once before from Caiti and back then it was a phenomenon.


Happy Labour (sorry..) Labor Day to you all! Enjoy your holiday!

ABC's of Happiness!

Achieving happiness is as simple as A, B, C! :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Ain't that the truth!!

I was snooping around Cafepress and I found this little gem. You know I’m so going to get me something with this on it right? Haha…I love!

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