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I forgot about this goal! Have been complaining like peas, especially over the last week! Last night I wrote an entire “rant entry” on here too! :( But... :) now that I’m reminded of this…just need to start over! Perfect example of how 43things is effective in my life. :)

Reinforced habit.

A couple weeks aback I found myself texting a friend about some really frivolous things daily! This was so not like me and then I realized I have been complaining about my life for a while. It was like an out-of-body experience where I saw the habit I had formed.

Generally, I complain to myself. However, upon reflection, it hit me that all I needed was one person who would listen and who I was comfortable babbling to without chance of ridicule. Notably, a couple of those people have entered my life. As much as support is needed during difficult times, I have realized that that “support” is now something I abuse to just rant and rave! Now my negative thoughts on my life have developed into words of negativity and actions related to depression. Sigh….

So step 1: Stop complaining! I need to curb my words and simply re-track the things that got me here in the first place. So…STOP COMPLAINING it is….and COUNT MY BLESSINGS!

Complaining does not help the situation in anyway. It drains me emotionally and drains other and I want to add nothing but positivity to others’ lives! I should never take away.

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