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Get All A's this semester

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this semester was the toughest of my life. No exaggeration. I have been through hell and back with school and I have never been so unfocused. I didn’t get all A’s but by B’s were still awesome. The way I messed up things I thought there was no coming back. But through God’s grace I have mustered passes. However, I believe that the lesson learnt from this experience is more valuable than A’s on my transcript. So I would say this was worth it. The fight, the struggle to get this accomplished was worth it. And its gonna be on my list for the upcoming semester as well. But it’s actual will be done. Mistakes and situations are to be learned from so… on to the next chapter!!!




Can somebody tell me where the time in the days are going? Because I can’t seem to comprehend why the days fly by so fast. The work day takes long to end by when I get home it’s like … whoose lol. No on a real I cannot seem to get my head around this semester and it just seems ironic that this time I tried to make a personal goal to get me some A’s. Never have I been so distant. Anyway I not gonna give up (yet). However, if next week Monday comes and I am still feeling the same maybe this goal is not for me… :(

Hitting it head on.

My semester has started about a month ago and I’ve been sick for about two weeks out of the four so already that’s not a good sign. I MUST get all A’s this semester, especially in Mathematical methods 1. So this goal right here is probably the most important one right now. I’m gonna do this and there are probably other things that I need to do to get this done… like.. wake up earlier, stop procastinating, study more… it’s gonna be tough at first but I think I want it bad enough. So here’s to my very first blog and hopefully others will be of PROGRESS!! :)

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