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Realize my potential as a healer

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So I went to the Common Ground Fair which is a pretty big deal up here in Maine. I did my Reiki as I always do and it was very nice to get back into it from my hiatus. This comes on the heals of a healing session I did with a friend of mine. It was an amazing jump for her in her healing journey I was amazed at what was accomplished. This promted another woman to seek my help in exchange for her help in my moving which she paid in advance. When I got her onto my table (massage table) I was again taken aback by what was accomplished. I was once told that in order to be the healer I wanted to be I needed realize all I needed was to be in the room and present every thing else would be channeled. I’m finding this quite true. The other thing that was told me was that I would do my best work when I was around 275 Lbs. I just lost weight so if that’s true I think it might scare me to see what would happen if I actually weighed that.


I’m not sure I spelled it right but a month ago or so I saw Jill Turner. She’s a woman who channels Tushwa. Maitraya (not sure of spelling here either) calls Tushwa the cosmic surgeon. He is amazing. While he speaks through her you are being worked on by energetic beings. Anyway the last time I was there in the group he turned to me and told me to speak up because there was something I wanted to ask very badly. I talked to him and he gave me some direction. After the session a lady came up to me and told me when I am ready to open my space to let her know because she would like to practice with me.
The other day I was at a mine in my town and met a man with whom I talked for about an hour. I gave him my card for other reasons and found out he was a shaman and that he also is looking to deeper work. The circle and energy continues.

This one stays

After my class I have come to a bit of an impass with my healing self. I am still doing work in a way but it feels like I’m a bit blocked. It may just be me letting go of the process and becoming more of the tool. I’m not sure but I am going to find out.

long time

I haven’t done anything that I am aware of at the moment. I think that this is a little on the back burner, which is sort of sad to me but I will again be there.

falling behind

I think in the long run I am working on this goal through the PSI course I’m taking but right now I haven’t done anything with this which is actually a huge step back.

the journey begins

I started my journey as a healer when I was 19. I am now 27 and I am still progressing. I know that I will always progress but I guess what this goal is about it the ability to stay on task and keep up with the practices that will move me through my journey.

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