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Get my nipples pierced.

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Ok, after Valentines Day for Sure

January just flew by! So I think I will wait until after Valentine’s Day. I actually wanted to get them done in time for Valentine’s day, but we usually do something extra special as it is a special day for us (our first date was actually on Valentine’s Day 1996)...I don’t want to be all sore, LOL.


I wanted to do this for my birthday, which is coming up in a few weeks. I have stuff to do on my birthday though, so I probably won’t get it done until later in the month. I am nervous about it but also very excited!


I think I will do this for my birthday in January, if I am not pregnant by then. One of my other goals is to have another baby. Part of me thinks I should wait until after I have another child, which would make sense. But I have been having difficulty conceiving, so I might as well go on and do this. I really want pierced nipples again. I may even get my belly button done too while I’m at it, I always wanted a belly ring. I didn’t do it back in the day though because everyone had a pierced navel, it seemed so passe. But when did I start caring what ‘everyone’ did or didn’t do??

This is an old entry from my blog

This is an old entry from my blog 3 years ago when I had to take my piercings out. Now that I am planning to get my nipples re-pierced, I thought this would be a fun read:

Piercings: 9/3/02
I had to take my left nipple ring out this past Saturday. The right one has been out for some time now, maybe 8 months. It had started to grow out and was irritating me, so I took it out. Bingo! The hole closed right up. The same with this left one, it is completely closed up today. I had my nipples pierced 4 years ago, and after the first year they seemed completely healed. I could take the rings out and everything and put them back in. But I guess they weren’t ever completely healed or maybe it was just time to let the piercing go.

The same thing happened when I got the second piercings for my ears. They healed fine and then about a year later, I took out the earrings I was wearing and within a few days they were closed completely. Weird. I feel so silly, I am actually mourning my nipple piercings. I suppose I could get them re-pierced but it hurt, a lot! I am not too enthused about going through that again, especially since they may close up again after a few years or whatever.

On the up side, though, I can now go braless again! Yay! After getting pierced my nipples were so sensitive I would get irratated by them rubbing against a t-shirt or whatever. Also the piercing caused them to be erect all the time and very noticeable. I got tired of being stared at and stuff. Since I am a fairly small-breasted woman very often people don’t notice if I have a bra on or not. With my nipple piercing they definitely noticed. Since I absolutely refuse to wear a harness, I mean a regular strap and hook bra, I opted for sports bra. Very snug, and the lining never irrated my nipples.

Out and about today braless and man, I had forgotten how freeing it is! Who invented bras anyway, and why do we women think we need them? The sports bra is a definite help when I am exercising and was a god send with my piercings, but other than that, I don’t need a bra.

So I doubt very much if I will ever get my nipples re-pierced. Still pondering the tongue and navel thing, though.

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