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see an indigo bunting

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indigo bunting

Not to be confused with Indigo Montoya. This bird is brilliantly vibrant with black tipped wings and cannot be missed. We only have a small window of opportunity. I have been looking for years. Time to buckle down and make it happen.
You will be mine indigo bunting, oh yes, you will be mine.


We are getting up early, because we always do, going to Panera to get breakfast and going bird watching, like we used to do. I cant wait. Birds are in migration right now.

last year

In St. Louis we went every weekend. Now, with grad school and Pace working a second job, we hardly ever go. We talk about how much we miss it and want to do it again, maybe its time to make the effort. I was pretty avid before…please dont mistake avid for good. I was good, but, was constantly digging in my book and pinpointing is still hard for me. I swear its coming from that tree, but it turns out, it was the 8th tree over. They do it to taunt me I’m sure. To keep me in my place. Then again, how fun would be it if I was so good it wasnt fun anymore?!
So, making effort to find time to do what I love once a week. That shouldn’t be too hard to ask for, right? Im up by 7am everyday anyway. Yes, even on weekends.
This is one of the birds we saw in St. Louis; scarlet tanager. It was an amazing moment to see that bright red after hearing it and trying to track it for about 30 minutes. It took my breath away.

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