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Passed my test a few weeks ago, it feels so good to know that I can travel anywhere I want now without relying on someone else to take me there _

Almost there!

I’ve been driving since June/July and I’m very close to test standard now! Once I crack roundabouts and parallel parking, that’s me basically ready to pass this test…

Keep your fingers crossed for me guys!

So, I had my first driving lesson...

Dear God, it’s terrifying!!

A bird waddled onto the road, what are you meant to do if a bird waddles onto the road? Sadly, that is not a rhetorical question. I decided the best course of action was to shout “GET OUT OF THE WAY!!”

It got out of the way… Eventually.

It’s kind of cool, to be behind the wheel, cruising down the road (I was doing the speed limit, so I felt pretty damn cool) but there is so much to remember. It feels as thought you should have five pairs of eyes and four arms!

Feed the steering wheel through your hands
Find the biting point…

Suddenly, it occurs to you that half of the driving terms you hear have something to do with food.

Got my next driving lesson on Wednesday… eek!

Wish me luck guys!

Lauren xxx

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